Special Report: Sensing Disasters

Images from above can help lessen the impact of earthquakes, sinkholes, and other catastrophies

9pearthquake-1418137352373.jpg Photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Whether they’re floods, earthquakes, or sinkholes, natural disasters wreak havoc. Since 2010, more than 700 have been registered worldwide, affecting more than 450 million people, according to a study released last year by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF reports that since the 1990s, annual damages have risen from an average of US $20 billion to about $100 billion. And that upward trend is expected to continue.


Sense120Minimizing the Damage From Natural Disasters

Researchers use satellites to monitor Earth’s conditions

signals120 Subtle Signals Could Help Forecast Earthquakes

Satellite system analyzes thermal anomalies 

soundSound the Alarm: A History of Disaster Detection and Warning Technologies

The telegraph and radar were among the first to be applied


question120Cities Versus Mother Nature?

Cities take preemptive measures in case of a natural disaster

ask120Ask The Experts: Preparing for Natural Disasters

IEEE members will answer your questions about robot rescue and smart grid in an emergency

disaster120Buildings Made for Disaster

New architecture claims to withstand earthquakes and storms

twitter120Twitter: An Early Disaster-Warning System

IEEE report makes a case for use of the social network in emergencies

experts120IEEE Experts Answer Questions About Rescue Robots and Smart Grid

Learn how they respond in emergencies


books120Books of Interest: September 2013

Free e-books deal with bad things happening to good systems


profile120James Smith: Modeling Earth’s Biosphere

His love of nature fueled his research

sinkPredicting Sinkholes in the Road

A new algorithm can identify trouble spots


techNews120Tech News: September 2013

This segment focuses on IEEE’s role in sensing natural disasters

rescue120Robot Rescue

VGTV-Xtreme robot used during search after Hurricane Katrina

extreme120Extreme Engineering: Hurricane Proof Homes

Watch how houses get built to withstand impact from storms

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