Special Report: Smarter Homes

16 December 2015

This month’s special issue is dedicated to that once-futuristic vision of a home full of smart gadgets that anticipate our needs, keep us healthy, and save us money. IEEE is working to making this vision a reality. The organization is working on many fronts, including building an architecture and developing standards that will allow smart-home technologies to communicate seamlessly.

We highlight several smart-home related projects, including a house equipped with sensors that can track inhabitants’ physical and mental health. Another is an award-winning smart home that can withstand powerful storms, which was sponsored by the IEEE Photonics Society. And if you want to boost your own home’s IQ, learn about seven gadgets designed to make life easier and even entertain your pets.

Feature Articles


IEEE Provides the Keys to a Smarter Home

Members are making it possible for all your appliances and devices to communicate with each other


The SPHERE House Can Monitor Its Residents’ Health

One hundred of these homes will be installed in the United Kingdom by 2017


Boost Your Home’s IQ With These Seven Gadgets

These products are designed to make life simpler


IEEE Standards for a Connected Home

They cover technologies to make your home energy-efficient, stream 3-D video, and charge your electric vehicle


Six IEEE Conferences Cover Technologies For Smart Homes

Events in 2016 focus on home automation, sensors, and real-time monitoring systems


The IEEE Fellow Behind Honeywell’s Smart Thermostats

Tariq Samad is now expanding smart-home innovations to countries with fast-growing economies


Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, SURE House is Built for Extreme Weather

Students at Stevens Institute of Technology win first place in the U.S. Solar Decathlon for a smart home that can withstand flooding and powerful storms



Society Will Benefit from Smarter Homes

IEEE President Michel calls on technologists to ensure responsible development


Must You Be Smart to Own a Smart Home?

Some homeowners are overwhelmed by their new systems



Ask The Experts: Smart Homes

Submit your questions about the future of automated systems, and their standards and security


How 30 Students Built a Home That Can Withstand a Natural Disaster

The project manager of the award-winning SURE house sheds light on the two-year process


DC Microgrids Need to be Part of the Smart Home Technology Mix

Supplying direct current will provide reliable technology, store solar energy, and save money