Special Report: Startups

A new generation of IEEE members launch their own ventures

Engineering and entrepreneurship in many ways go hand in hand. IEEE members have for decades been at the forefront of turning their ideas into successful businesses. In this issue, we present IEEE’s efforts to attract more entrepreneurial types to the organization and to support members’ ventures through online resources, networking events, and more. A venture capitalist whose companies have never failed shares his advice with engineers who want to turn their business or product ideas into reality. We also feature several members behind some of today’s hottest startups and delve into the humble beginnings of Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and other multibillion-dollar companies.

Feature Articles


Helping Engineers Become Successful Entrepreneurs

IEEE has made it a priority to help members launch and grow their startups


How DIY Electronics Startup Adafruit Industries Became a Multimillion-Dollar Company

IEEE Member Limor Fried started the venture in her dorm room at MIT

Top 5

Meet the IEEE Members Behind Five of Today’s Hottest Startups

Their companies are at the cutting edge of robotics, connected cars, and mind-controlled technology


Get Schooled on Startups From a Venture Capitalist Whose Companies Have Never Failed

Fellow Milton Chang gives tips on what engineers need to know


Upcoming Conferences for Budding Entrepreneurs

IEEE events cover intrapreneurship, crowdfunding, and product development


Kick-start Your Business With These IEEE Resources

Networking events, e-books, and benefits for the self-employed are among the offerings


Powering Africa: It Takes a Smart Village

IEEE Foundation program helps entrepreneurs bring renewable energy to their communities


HP and Medtronic: From the Garage to the Fortune 500

These billion-dollar companies started by IEEE members had humble beginnings


How These Three Startups Became Household Names

Microsoft, Sony, and Tata Consultancy Services found success through intrapreneurship, risk taking, and a bit of luck


Eight Tech Mistakes New Business Owners Must Avoid

They can lead to security breaches, malware attacks, and data losses



IEEE: A 131-Year Old Startup

President Howard E. Michel on why building a community for founders is a key goal


Steven Kotler: Is Silicon Valley Ageist or Just Smart?

The Forbes contributor suggests young people may hold a key ingredient to success



Ask The Experts: Startups

Two venture capitalists and a patent attorney answer your questions about launching a company or product

Personal Network

Tapping Into Your Personal Network Can Help Build Your Business

These three tips will save you time and money


Q&A With Devon Ryan, a Tireless Entrepreneur

He founded software development startup Lion Mobile


How To Get People To Back Your Entrepreneurial Ideas

Getting to the finish line of a product or business launch can be nearly impossible without the right support system in place



Video Highlights How Young Professionals Can Become Entrepreneurs

Being persistent, resourceful, and good communicators are key for success