Special Report: The Internet of Things

IEEE members are at the forefront of an interconnectivity revolution

sub map Illustration: Stuart Bradford

The Internet of Things, or IoT, which you probably have heard about with increasing frequency, is not a second Internet. Rather, it is a network of items—each embedded with sensors—which are connected to the Internet.

The IoT’s true value lies in the data the interconnected items share. IoT might, for example, lead to improved highways, more efficiently run hospitals, and changes in how things are shipped. But to get to that next level, the IoT has to overcome several obstacles. It needs more intelligent sensors that can talk to each other, as well as better and faster analysis tools to deal with the deluge of data, to say nothing of common standards. There are also societal concerns such as how to keep personal information private. These and other topics are covered in this special report.


Smarter Sensors

Making the Internet of Things soar

The Value of Privacy

Safeguarding your information in the age of the Internet of Everything


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What’s Coming Next: The Internet of Everything

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Conferences: March-October 2014

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Help With Building the Next Big Thing

The resources you need to tackle the IoT

Setting the Stage for the Internet of Things

Covering a spectrum of applications


Yen-Kuang Chen: Improving Lives

Crossing disciplines to advance the Internet of Things

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