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Top Five Issues That Affect Internet Governance

6 August 2015
Policymakers and technologists need to collaborate to bridge gaps

Guiding Technology Policy for the Internet

3 June 2015
An IEEE initiative will focus on governance, cybersecurity, and privacy

Technologists Weigh In on Internet Governance Policy Debate

20 April 2015
IEEE holds first meeting where experts discuss key issues

Does the Internet Need Governance to Drive Innovation?

24 March 2015
IEEE hosted a forum in Europe where participants debated the issues around constraining the Internet

Five Famously Wrong Predictions About Technology

19 December 2014
If these came true, there would be no home computers, tablets, or Internet

Founder of the World Wide Web Talks Net Neutrality and Potential Threats

18 December 2014
Tim Berners-Lee shares his thoughts on the future of the Web on its 25th anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

16 December 2014
A look back at how it began and what it will become

Vinton Cerf Discusses the Invention of the Internet

26 March 2014
Indian television network NDTV interviews the father of the Web

The Fathers of the Internet

7 March 2014
Four IEEE Life Fellows helped create the revolutionary network

A Programmer Shortage?

6 May 2013
A video by tech leaders urges students to learn to code