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Living in a Cash-Free World

13 December 2016
Many adjustments will have to be made, for better and for worse

Digital Wallets Are Becoming the New Way to Pay

18 August 2016
Android Pay, Apple Pay, and other contactless payment systems are expected to take over by 2030

Going Cash-Free Can Make the World Richer

16 August 2016
Switching to digital payments has a host of economic benefits

The Biggest Security Issues With Banking Often Involve Human Error

11 August 2016
IEEE Member Jungwoo Ryoo, a security expert, points out vulnerabilities that could be avoided

Six Ways to Improve Mobile App Security and Privacy

10 March 2015
But first developers must buy in to the fact that their users are worried

Mobile Devices Remain Vulnerable to Attacks

6 March 2015
It’s a problem developers can no longer ignore

IEEE Mobile App Contest Launches Worldwide

18 February 2015
The IEEEmadC competition is open to all IEEE student members to develop apps that benefit humanity

Are Mobile Devices Causing More Good Than Harm?

29 July 2014
Experts weigh in on how we live our digital lives

The First Phone Designed With Privacy in Mind

26 February 2014
The Blackphone makes its debut this week

The Institute Launches a Mobile Edition

5 February 2014
A user-friendly site for readers on the go