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Photo: Frederic Osada and Teddy Seguin/DRASSM

Haptically Controlled Robots Will Take On Tasks Too Dangerous for Humans

12 July 2018
With its sense of touch, Stanford’s OceanOne android can assist with recovery efforts on sea and land

Illustration: iStockphoto

How Oceanic Engineering Has Evolved Since 1983

10 July 2018
The IEEE group dedicated to advancing the field was named a society 35 years ago

Testing Facilities Replicate Conditions at Sea

7 February 2014
U.K. research centers provide a safe place to try out marine energy technologies

Research Ships’ History and Development

13 November 2013
Exploring the Antarctic Ocean for 100 years

The Four Incarnations of Britain’s Royal Research Ship Discovery

8 November 2013
Their contributions to science span more than 100 years

South America Gets Its First Underwater Acoustics Conference

13 May 2013
Advances in ocean acoustic sensing will be explored in Rio

Exploring the Ocean Deep

7 July 2010
Conference to cover offshore structures, ocean vehicles, and conditions beneath the sea