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IEEE Publishes Trend Paper on AI, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity

15 May 2018
Experts anticipate challenges that could emerge in the next decade

IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing and Technology Time Machine Event Coming in October

4 August 2016
One considers where computing is headed; the other explores the future of technology

What’s Next for Computers After Moore’s Law Ends?

3 December 2014
Experts ponder this question at latest IEEE Rebooting Computing summit

Elie Track: Rethinking the Computer

26 March 2013
Superconductivity expert tackles the challenge

What Are Computing’s Biggest Problems?

8 March 2013
High-performance computers come with challenges

The Future of Computing

8 March 2013
New Rebooting Computing Working Group will tackle technological challenges

Conferences: June–December 2013

8 March 2013
Upcoming IEEE conferences cover topics related to computing