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Photo-illustration: John Lamb/Corbis

Four Takeaways From the First IEEE Greening Through ICT Summit

15 December 2017
The event focused on achieving sustainability through information and communications technology

Photo: ITU

IEEE Champions U.N. Sustainable Development Goals at WSIS Forum

24 August 2017
President Bartleson addresses attendees at World Summit on the Information Society

Alternative Energy Sources Could Help Aviation Industry Clean Up Its Act

3 June 2016
Researchers aim to lessen air travel’s environmental damage

Raymond Larsen: Bringing Power to the People Who Need it Most

5 March 2015
He will receive the 2015 IEEE Emberson Award for his humanitarian work

Retrofitting the Empire State Building

24 November 2014
The Rocky Mountain Institute has helped the iconic skyscraper go green

Rocky Mountain Institute Sets Bold Goals for Energy Efficiency

21 November 2014
Entrepreneurial nonprofit believes going green can improve the bottom line


7 December 2012
The topic must be approached by both the public and private sectors

IEEE to Hold First Green Technology Conference

6 February 2009
Will cover technologies for reducing energy use, such as home automation, home and commercial-building energy management, and reduced-energy lighting

IEEE Takes the Initiative on Sustainability

6 February 2009
The initiative will contribute IEEE’s expertise to the public dialog and to strengthen IEEE’s societies’ efforts and capabilities in the field