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Image: Ubisoft US

TV Shows Experiment With Virtual Reality

18 August 2017
‘Star Trek’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ fans can become immersed in their favorite program

Photo: BBC

A Look Back at the Studio That Created the Music for ‘Doctor Who’

31 July 2017
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was one of the first to specialize in electronic sound effects

Smell-O-Vision: Coming to a Living Room Near You?

12 July 2013
The Smelling Screen gives viewers a whiff of the action

Reflections of Working With Singer Bing Crosby

1 November 2012
An IEEE Life Member tells what it was like advancing recording technology with the star

Chronicling HDTV’s History

16 August 2012
An IEEE associate member dedicates his time to documenting the history of high-definition television

First Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Earns IEEE Milestone

4 November 2011
The breakthrough made possible satellite television in the home

Moving to the Cloud

6 May 2011
Using cloud computing services

Lauren Christopher: Hall of Famer

7 April 2011
IEEE member is honored for her work with DirecTV's digital satellite receiver system

Year Two of 3-D TV

4 February 2011
Exploring the popularity of 3-D TVs

Milestone Recognizes Canada's Mountaintop TV Transmission

5 November 2010
Learn about the history of the historic breakthrough