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Photo: The Friends of Iolani Palace

Honolulu’s Iolani Palace Paved the Way for Electricity in Hawaii

2 April 2018
The city's electrification began in 1886 with lights installed on the estate’s grounds

Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

A History of Wall Street’s Stock Tickers

4 October 2017
These machines sped up the communication of stock prices

What If the Internet Crashed?

26 August 2013
TED Talk discusses a Plan B to Internet

Did You Know? Edison Coined the Term “Bug”

23 August 2013
Bugs have plagued technologists for centuries

Did You Know? Historical ‘Facts’ That Are Not True

14 January 2013
The IEEE History Center debunks so-called facts of engineering history

Edison’s Notes on Pearl Street Station Surface

13 September 2012
The archive features documents from the day the power was turned on

A Road Trip Through Time

9 September 2011
A look back at the history of electric vehicles

Edison's Pearl Street Station Recognized With Milestone

27 July 2011
IEEE honors the world's first central power station

Slideshow: A Look Back at Edison's Pearl Street Station

25 July 2011
IEEE recently honored Edison's Pearl Street Station with a Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing

IEEE Milestones Celebrate Edison Lab,
Japanese Word Processor

7 November 2008
Learn about the history of IEEE's newest Milesones in Electrical Engineering and Computing