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Texas Renewable Energy Policy Sets an Example for the World

China, the EU, and other regions also are decreasing their fossil-fuel dependence

20 March 2019
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Consumer Electronics

Thermal-Imaging Cameras Help Protect Endangered Rhinos in Africa

6 March 2019
IEEE Member Eric Becker develops poacher-detection systems for the World Wildlife Fund

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MRI Pioneer to Receive IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology

28 February 2019
Kamil Ugurbil helped revolutionize the field

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Gallium Nitride: The Ideal Semiconductor for Power-Hungry Electronics

25 February 2019
The thermally robust material could be used in quantum computers, optoelectronics, and space applications

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Understanding the Risks Associated With AI

22 February 2019
Expert explains the difference between the weak and strong types

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Smart Technology

Smart Clothing Could Soon Be Part of Your Wardrobe

13 February 2019
An e-textile expert talks about the future of garments with built-in electronics

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Why Are Protesters Physically Attacking Waymo’s Driverless Taxis?

6 February 2019
The death of a pedestrian by an Uber self-driving car is spurring questions about the safety of these vehicles

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IEEE Groups

IEEE's 5G and Beyond Roadmap Provides Details About the New Communication Network

4 February 2019
White paper identifies needs, challenges, and solutions

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Learn How Designers Use Laser Cutters and Engravers

1 February 2019
IEEE TryEngineering and Epilog provide background information and lesson plans for students

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Student Member Designs a Heated Jacket to Help Breast Cancer Patients

29 January 2019
The Care Coat could help relieve chronic pain caused by a mastectomy

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