IBM Watson and R&B Artist Collaborate on New Song

In this video, Alex Da Kid discusses how the supercomputer helped him create his artistic vision

10 August 2017

Grammy award-winning producer and composer Alex Da Kid worked with IBM Watson Music this past year to create his newest single, “Not Easy.” The producer wanted to understand the complexity music has on human emotion across cultures. But Alex Da Kid could never have access to that much data on his own.

That’s where Watson came in. When Alex Da Kid asked the supercomputer to help, it processed the lyrics and composition of more than 26,000 Top 100 Billboard songs. Watson then analyzed the data to determine the way people felt about them. Alex Da Kid gained insight into which words, beats, and instrumentals evoke listeners’ emotions to create his single. The song now has more than 24 million listens on Spotify alone.

Together, they turned data insights on music and culture into what they call cognitive music, which provides an understanding of people’s responses to songs.

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