Meet The Institute’s Editorial Advisory Board

Nine IEEE members help guide the publication

21 July 2015

Not many know this, but for the past 20 years The Institute has had an editorial advisory board made up of IEEE volunteers who provide advice on the publication’s editorial mission to the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board, which oversees all IEEE publications. The advisory board also provides valuable advice to me, The Institute’s editor in chief. With a profile of Sheila Hemami, the vice president of IEEE Publication Services and Products being published this month, I am taking this opportunity as well to introduce our readers to the nine volunteers on our advisory board.

Each year PSPB assigns an IEEE member from its board to serve as its representative on the The Institute’s editorial advisory board. For 2015, it is Senior Member Christofer Hierold, a professor of micro- and nanosystems at ETH Zurich. There, his research focuses on evaluating new materials for microelectromechanical systems, advanced microsystems, and nanotransducers.

He was deputy head and then head of the school’s Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering from 2009 to 2014. He has been appointed executive coordinator of the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center at Rüschlikon. Hierold is also the editor in chief of the IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems and a member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences.

The eight other members of the advisory board serve three-year overlapping terms and typically have publishing experience as an editor or author.

Senior Member Alexei Botchkarev is a senior information management advisor with the Health Data Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of the government of Ontario, Canada. He is also an adjunct professor of computer science at Ryerson University, in Toronto. Botchkarev has authored or coauthored more than 70 publications, including chapters in three books.

An IC chip designer, Member Matt Genovese is the founder of Door64, an events organization focused on the high-tech community, in Austin, Texas. He has organized more than 100 events including networking socials, job fairs, and conferences. He is also a product manager at Sapling Learning, also in Austin. This educational organization provides interactive courses in science, engineering, and economics that help students improve their comprehension, retention, and problem-solving skills. He has written several career-related blogs for The Institute.

Terrance Malkinson is a life senior member, an educator, a communication specialist, a business analyst, and a futurist. He is currently an international correspondent for IEEE-USA Insight and an associate editor for IEEE Canadian Review, as well as the editor of numerous technology management and innovation journals. He has 522 peer-reviewed publications. Retired now, he leads numerous applied research projects and mentors postsecondary students.

Senior Member Cecilia Metra is a professor of electronics at the University of Bologna, in Italy. She is the 2015 secretary and the first vice chair of the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Council. She has served as associate editor in chief of IEEE Transactions on Computers and editor in chief of the IEEE Computer Society’s online Computing Now publication. She has published more than 170 papers.

Mirela Sechi Annoni Notare, a senior member, has been editor in chief of IEEE Latin America Transactions for the past 10 years. She is also on the editorial board of Region 9’s NoticIEEEro, the IEEE’s Latin American and Caribbean magazine, as well as on the board of IEEE Spectrum. She is a professor of engineering at Sao Jose Municipal University, in Brazil. Her research focuses on security management for wireless, mobile, sensor, and ad hoc networks, and she has published widely in these areas. She was the founder and served as general co-chair for the International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium and the program co-chair for the IEEE Mobility and Wireless Access Workshop and IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication.

Life Member James E. O’Neal worked in broadcast engineering for nearly 37 years. Shortly after he retired in 2005, he began a second career as technology editor for TV Technology magazine and is a frequent contributor to that publication and others. He is also editor of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society’s quarterly newsletter.

Krishnan Parameswaran, a senior member, is a principal research scientist at Physical Sciences in Andover, Mass., where he is leading several projects involving spectroscopic sensing, optical communications, and magnetometry. He has served as editor of the IEEE Photonics Society newsletter and regularly serves as a reviewer for IEEE journals.

Senior Member Chonggang Wang is a member of the technical staff and a senior manager with InterDigital Communications, in King of Prussia, Pa., where he is leading an Internet of Things protocol team. His research focuses on the IoT and machine-to-machine communications. He is the founding editor in chief of the IEEE Internet of Things Journal. He has authored and coauthored more than 120 journals and conference articles, as well as book chapters.

The Institute’s editorial advisory board meets once a year to suggest ways to improve the publication, its editorial content, and future topics to be covered.

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