Society Recognitions

These IEEE members recently were recognized for their work by IEEE societies

6 October 2010

Fellow Leonard Cimini received the IEEE Communications Society’s Stephen O. Rice Prize in the field of communications theory for his paper “Joint Channel-and Queue-Aware Scheduling for Multiuser Diversity in Wireless OFDMA Networks.” The award is given annually to the best paper published in IEEE Transactions on Communications. Cimini’s paper analyzes algorithms that make the best use of the existing channel conditions of cellular systems, as well as user demand, to allocate resources more effectively.

Cimini is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Delaware, in Newark, where he works on the design and analysis of wireless communication systems and networks.

He is a member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology, Communications, and Signal Processing societies.

Fellow Herbert Reichl was chosen to receive the Technology Award of the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society. He was cited for “contributions to the integration of reliability in electronics systems, and leadership in research and education in electronics packaging.” The award recognizes advancements in the society’s areas of interest.

Reichl is a professor of packaging and interconnection technologies at the Technical University of Berlin. He is credited as one of the first researchers to foresee the importance of microelectronics packaging in bridging the gap between research and applications. His work at the university on heterogeneous integration, three-dimensional packaging, and embedded passive and active components fostered the development of microelectronics for cellphones, wearable sensors, and other devices.

He is a member of the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society.

The IEEE Information Theory Society recently honored several members with its awards.

The society’s Claude E. Shannon Award, its highest honor, went to Fellow Shlomo Shamai. The award recognizes individuals for “consistent and profound contributions to the field of information theory.”

Shamai is a professor of telecommunications at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa. His research interests are information theory and statistical communications.

He is a member of the IEEE Communications and Information Theory societies.

IEEE Life Fellow Toby Berger received the Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes an “individual who has shown outstanding leadership in, and provided longstanding exceptional service to, the information theory community.”

Berger is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville. A member of the IEEE Information Theory Society, he served as its president in 1979 and has also been editor in chief of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

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