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Augmented Reality Could Contribute to Information Overload, If We Let It

A new kind of operating system will be needed to encourage mindfulness rather than distraction

22 December 2016
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Augmented Reality Can Equip the Unemployed With New Skills

15 December 2016
The technology can make it easier for people to make great strides in their field

Living in a Cash-Free World

13 December 2016
Many adjustments will have to be made, for better and for worse

How Augmented Reality Will Change the Way We Work

12 December 2016
The DAQRI Smart Helmet and the Microsoft Hololens have been tested at construction sites and water treatment plants

The Masterpiece Behind the Music in A Clockwork Orange

8 December 2016
It was the first film to use Dolby A, a noise-reduction sound system developed by IEEE Life Fellow Ray Dolby

Virtual Reality Can Immerse People in News Stories and Prepare Them for Natural Disasters

5 December 2016
Its applications can help people feel empathy and give us a better understanding of the real world

A New IEEE Initiative Focuses on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Human Augmentation Technologies

1 December 2016
IEEE Digital Senses group works to foster innovation in these three areas

Two Upcoming Hackathons Invite Participants to Hack for Health

3 October 2016
IEEE events will focus on medical applications for virtual reality and brain-machine interfaces

How Emerging Technology Will Disrupt the Financial Industry

27 September 2016
An MIT Sloan event addresses how big data, machine learning, and blockchain technology can provide customized products and services

High-Tech Tools Are Being Introduced In the Classroom

15 September 2016
Google Cardboard and Microsoft HoloLens are being used as teaching and study aids