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The Bionic Body: No Longer a Fantasy

The next generation of human augmentation technologies is in the works

19 December 2016
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Robots Could Fulfill Online Orders in Minutes

13 July 2016
Want lunch from a nearby restaurant or to have a prescription delivered? Starship is on its way

Is It Ethical to Kick a Robot?

6 June 2016
Videos of Boston Dynamics employees striking humanoid and doglike robots enraged many viewers

Clearpath Robotics Blazes a Trail With Its Self-Driving Warehouse Vehicles

27 May 2016
IEEE Member Ryan Gariepy helped found the startup as an undergrad

Robots Could Redefine Hotel Room Service

18 May 2015
Fast and friendly delivery bots can bring items to guests in minutes

Technologies Improve Quality of Life

7 June 2013
IEEE members are working on robots and smart wheelchairs to help those in need

The Next Generation of Surgical Robots

7 December 2012
Smaller, lighter, and less expensive