IEEE Member Conor Walsh Develops a Soft and Lightweight Exosuit

In this video, watch how the suit helps stroke victims regain mobility

27 December 2016
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IEEE Member Conor Walsh is addressing the acute challenges faced by stroke victims as they learn to walk again. He is developing a soft robotic suit that can be worn under clothes and that trains muscles, limbs, and joints to function again. The suit can also be worn by soldiers and hikers to reduce fatigue and prevent injury.

Walsh received a Rolex Award for his exosuit. The award, which comes with a US $100,000 prize, is given by the luxury watchmaker to “exceptional people carrying out new and ongoing projects to improve life on the planet.” The Harvard engineering school recently entered into a collaboration with the medical device company ReWalk Robotics of Marlborough, Mass., to help speed the exosuit’s development.

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